A downloadable game for Windows

Jam Game made by Caolain Porter and Samuel Partridge.

Dig deep beneath the earth in search of Wyrms in a Greekpunk world of steam drillers and otherworldy discoveries. This narrative focus game has procedurally generated text, and will change as you play. Dig deep and try not to explode.

Do check out the Lore page for reams of worldbuilding goodness from Caolain.

This project is unaffiliated with Failbetter Games.

Install instructions

Grab the .exe file and give it a run. Don't move the Datafile!


wyrmdigger.zip 20 MB


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Looks like a few people tried to download before itch.io had got the files in order - If you've downloaded an empty file, try downloading again now, you should find the correct files inside.


Depending on how this game runs, do you mind if I upload a video of it to youtube?

Sure! It should run fine, but please excuse any writing/design roughness - It was made in about 12 hours.